College and Career Pathways

College and Career Pathways is significant individualized guidance for each student on his or her post-high school education and career.  This program component is intended to help students envision their future possibilities and create a roadmap for getting there.  TPP’s aim is to complement and enhance the educational and career counseling already being provided by the schools. College and Career Pathways is integrated into all six levels of programming, with the dedicated hours increasing as students level up.

TPP students work with our full-time College and Career Pathways department.  Staff works one-on-one with students, facilitates group workshops, and engages in outreach to key stakeholders. The students’ experience takes the form of continuous work on a written Career Plan, as well as activities designed to make them aware of their possibilities, and intensive work on essays, applications, FAFSA, scholarships, and school/ program selection.  In the Career Plan students articulate their post-high school aspirations; reflect on their strengths and areas for improvement; justify their current coursework and extracurricular activities; conduct research relating to education and career interests; and list the steps for reaching their post-high school goals.