Student Ventures

All students at The Possible Project conceive, develop, and run their own businesses in teams or individually.  They run their businesses out of The Possible Project office, where they have access to our staff support, technology systems and equipment, materials, and meeting spaces.

Students can run businesses on their own or as part of a larger group.  These are actual entrepreneurial endeavors, not hypothetical activities- students experience successes and failures, they earn money, and they take ownership of their ideas and work.


Rejuvenate is a vegan hair care business founded by Prospect Hill Academy juniors, Annette and Medjeena. Personal experience drove them to start this business after feeling dissatisfied with products they were using, which were proving ineffective. Their shea-butter and coconut milk shampoo and conditioner provides customers with a healthy alternative for stronger, healthier hair. They recently were awarded the TPP…

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Little Packers

Marilyn started Little Packers with a passion to help breakdown the barrier of technology between parents and their children. She came up with an idea to provide gift boxes prepared with hands-on activities for kids, giving their minds a break from technology. After market research and speaking with potential consumers, Marilyn sells a monthly box of interactive activities, that includes…

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Blended is an all-natural skin care business catering to both women and men. Founded by two juniors at Prospect Hill Academy (Osin Ghimire and Simarn Regmi), two best friends that share a passion for skin care. They sell clay masks and their newest product is a charcoal mask. In the Fall, they were named the Level 3 top seller, earning…

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TCup is co-founded by rising Level 3 students, Haley Soares and Karen Ruiz, juniors at Prospect Hill Academy. Tcup is a handmade, all-natural tea business that donates 15-20% of their profits to the Thirst Project which aims to provide potable (clean, drinkable) water to those who don’t currently have access to it. They have several flavors including blueberry hibiscus, orange…

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Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor is an online shoe consignment shop. The mission of Sole Survivor is to provide customers the freshest kicks for an affordable price that is guaranteed to be lower than retail price. Mitchell buys old and new shoes from people at his school and online for a low price and resells for profit. Much of the time this requires him…

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SeanJawn Customz

Sean has the ability to restore old sneakers and make them look brand new, but his main focus and passion is around customizing shoes. He uses his own artistic talent to create a design based on his customer’s vision or has been given the freedom to design. Typically he spends 2-8 hours on each pair of shoes. A pair of…

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