Student Venture


Level 4

Blended is an all-natural skin care business catering to both women and men. Founded by two juniors at Prospect Hill Academy (Osin Ghimire and Simarn Regmi), two best friends that share a passion for skin care. They sell clay masks and their newest product is a charcoal mask. In the Fall, they were named the Level 3 top seller, earning over $300 in sales. They recently won first prize at the Fall Level 3 Pitch Panel, hosted by Biogen and earned $500 to take their business to the next level. One of their long term goals is to make enough money to continue their business in college. By the time they graduate high school, they hope to earn $2,000 in revenue, setting them up to run their business in college.

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Osin Ghimire

Prospect Hill Academy

Simarn Regmi

Prospect Hill Academy