Elizabeth Addison

Assistant of Administration by day, an Artist by night, Elizabeth joined TPP in summer of 2016. An Entrepreneur herself, Elizabeth has been writing and self producing her musical This is Treatment, a story about women in treatment for substance abuse, since 2014.  As a result of herself producing efforts, she has had articles written about her in Scout Cambridge Magazine and The Boston Herald, has twice been a guest on the Emmy award winning TV show Cityline and was awarded a commendation on the launch of This is Treatment by the City of Cambridge. Eventually, Elizabeth hopes to see This is Treatment grace the Broadway stage. Besides TPP and Broadway dreams, Elizabeth has volunteered at several nonprofit organizations, has been a guest speaker at the Boston Arts Academy, has facilitated groups on Arts & Activism, empowering oneself through positive thinking, and travels the east coast sharing her experience, strength and hope with audiences as large as 1,000 people. Her greatest hope is that her work will help change someone’s life for the better.