Nancy Jones

I am deeply driven by The Possible Project’s commitment to ensure each of our students believe anything is possible – and to help them acquire the skills and mindsets to get achieve those things. My time is spent in the community with thoughtful organizations and people – like you – who care about Greater Boston’s young people.

Ask me about how to get involved in our work, the possibilities are many.

I am a mom first, raising children – who are now pretty amazing adults – in urban environs I, and they, experienced firsthand what can happen when students do not have the necessary skills, supports and resources to thrive. It is why for more than 20 years I’ve worked on K-12 education reforms; been president of the PTA; and, raised money to help fill some of the gaps.

When I am not working to help some of our neediest youth, you can likely find me in the kitchen most often working on a soup or pie.