Shami Andalcio

Shami comes to the Possible Project with a rich history of creativity, youth development and entrepreneurship. Before attending Brandeis University, during a gap semester in New Orleans, Shami lead creative design for a startup clothing brand (Flight School Clothing, LLC). During that same time Shami spent a two month period contributing to the grassroots economic development taking place in Post-Katrina New Orleans. Here, Shami began cultivating his passion for environmental and community development. This passion grew exponentially during a gap year from Brandeis. Shami travelled to his home country of India to work on sustainable environmental development in New Delhi (Centre For Indian Industry) and the Western Himalayas (Grassroots India). Immediately after completing his degree in Sociology at Brandeis, Shami founded an environmentally focused clothing brand (Tree House Threads, LLC), in which he combined his two greatest passions: creative design and environmental/community sustainability. These experiences, combined with growing up in the historic neighborhood of Roxbury, have composed a symphony of passions: all focused on orchestrating a more creative and sustainable future for Boston.