Tatiana Olaru

Tatiana has always considered education and diversity as fundamental factors in achieving social development. Before TPP she worked closely with federal agencies, community development corporations and policy groups in order to develop effective strategies for youth in urban communities. While living in Fresno, California Tatiana partnered with FIRM, an organization that serves the needs of over 6,500 refugees through holistic youth outreach and enrichment programs, elder citizenship and advocacy. She has also collaborated with the Parent-Child Home Program in order to serve families with small children challenged by poverty, low-levels of education and has taught prenatal and child development curriculum at Hampshire County Healthy Families, a home-based program that supports first-time, teen parents. Tatiana is a former Upward Bound Scholar and has a BA in Political Science from Middlebury College. She speaks Greek and Romanian, enjoys playing tennis and collecting vintage children’s books.